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Pro Midi is a pattern-based MIDI sequencer. Designed to be a user-friendly way to record and edit MIDI data.
It provides fully featured editor, recorder, clip/scene launcher and options for importing ,exporting MIDI clips via iTunes or «Open in» feature, using different time signatures, and has up to 16 channels/tracks to set your clips across.
In all traditional sequencing programs, everything happens along a fixed song timeline and all the sounds/instruments should be synchronized on this general timeline.
In case with Pro Midi sound has to react to what happens on stage. When playing live, or when DJing, the order of pieces, the length of each piece and the order of parts within each piece is generally not known in advance. The basic idea is the ability to play clips in total independence from the timeline, in real time, so the musician would be improvising on the go.
It helping you create music with unlimited depth and sophistication.

Key Features:


We are interested in the evolution of the project. On a number of new features you can read in the News

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